Kerala Concrete Home Roofing Idea for Light and Air

kerala concrete home roofing ideas for light and air Find ideas and inspiration for Metal Roof Design Ideas to add to your own home home - Prevent concrete roof from absorbing too much heat during . If the rooms immediately under the concrete roof have high ceilings, false ceilings can be constructed approximately 300 mm below the current ceiling.

Evens Construction Pvt Ltd: 10 Best Roofing Materials for ... Roof testing by the Florida Power & Light Company in the hot, sunny and humid conditions of Florida shows that white s-shaped tiles made from concrete are very effective at keeping heat from the sun out of homes.

Roofing in Kerala : 5 Best Roofing Material Options - Finish ... 5 Roofing Materials for Roofing in Kerala . 1. Clay Tile Roofing Clay tile roofing is the oldest type of roofing in Kerala. It is quite popular due to its durability.It can easily last up to a good 100 years with little maintenance.

8 Ecofriendly Roof Options for Low Budgets and Up - Houzz Pros: A light-colored or white roof of any material is also known as a “cool roof” for a reason — it can significantly cool the roof’s temperature by reflecting the sun’s rays away from the house, keeping the interior of the home cooler as well.

Understanding a Traditional Kerala Styled House Design - Happho The central open-to-air courtyard is a chief element of the Kerala home and is a perfect example of well-designed open spaces. The courtyard is called the Nadumuttom and is the prime centre of the Kerala house.

2100 sqft. Modern Mixed Roof Kerala Home Design | Kerala ... 2100 sqft. Modern Mixed Roof Kerala Home Design | Kerala House Plans. 2100 sqft. Modern Mixed Roof Kerala Home Design | Kerala House Plans ... Modern Roof Design in Kerala But, during the late 1970s, with the advent of concrete roofing, many houses were constructed with Flat roofs, which, as years passed, was found to be ill-suited for Kerala Climatic condition due to the following reasons-

best steel for kerala house roof concrete - Filler slab roofs: An alternative roofing technology ... Concrete is good in taking compression and steel is good in tension. .... the other to form an air cavity thus keeping the interiors of your house remain cooler in summer and warmer in winters.